The Author: Dan Fox

Dan grew up in an engineering household, no tools were off limits. He was encouraged to play with 68K Macintosh’s, Weller soldering irons, Fluke multimeters and open-up/dismantle any piece of electronics. (I have since learned this while primarily coming from an educational first mindset, it was also reasoned as: “if I child can break these tools they’re not quality tools”).

The first device Dan learned how to program was a HP-32S after picking up the manual and overwriting his fathers programs with nonsense.

Since then Dan has gone on to working as a Software Engineer professionally, primarily in the systems & reliability space. With a particular interest in monitoring & metrics, loadbalancing and simplistic “old” ideas applied elegantly to modern problems (the “cloud” is the mainframe and dumb-terminal pattern re-invented, change my mind).